The first part:

"Search & Analyze"


The second part:

"Watch & Try"


The third part:

"Make a new product presentation"


The fourth part:

"Analyze & Assess"


About the WebProject

Hi, we are two ESL instructors. We are glad to get you involved into the project "ABCs of Business Presentation".

Pleased to meet you, students :) Let's get acquainted

klein1.jpg Elena Zhigalina
e_budenkova_96.jpg Evgeniya Budenkova

We'd like to ask you some questions to start the things off:

A. What goes into making an effective Business Presentation?

View more presentations from Mehul Bhuva

B. Are you a good presentation maker?

C. Can you grab your audience's attention?

If you've got only Yes & I know answers, you'll learn some new tricks participating

in this project anyway.

If you are an All No Answers' guy, so nice to meet you :) You'll learn a lot on the presentation topic in the nearest future, cause we're gonna help you a lot.

So watch a video starter and feel the atmosphere.

We wish you good luck

Enjoy & have fun :)