Hello, students! We are glad to present our new international projects, which help you to know how to work in a multicultural team using the technical means of wiki. We are two ESL teachers and we are really happy to help you to know the English language better. Let's get acquainted!

I'm Renee Abramson. I'll tell you about myself. I got my Bachelor's in Boston in Speech/Communications and my M.Ed in Teacher of English as a Second Language in MA. I have taught English in the USA and abroad (born in the US I am a native speaker of English). At present I teach 7th grade ESL as well as College TOEFL Preparation. I love technology because that is how our students learn!

My name is Evgeniya Budenkova. So I'm an instructor of the English language at the Siberian State Aerospace University, right now I'm working on my PhD thesis, so my research field is closely connected with computer-assisted language learning (Russian equivalent is computer lingvodidactics). I am interested in languages,computers and music. I support with all my heart :) the ideas expressed in these videos:

So here you'll spend really interesting time communicating with your group- and classmates in English and the main issues to be discussed will be different cultural peculiarities of the Russian and American people. Our aim is not only to improve the English writing and speaking skills, but to know more about our traditions and to understand that together we can achieve much more. You'll work on various projects collaborating with others.
The main requirements are:
- to do all the tasks on time;
- to comment other students' posts (so be active);
- to be polite and patient;
- to cover all the possible points and use different materials (from articles to videos);
- to give supported answers.