Kriss Logvinovich
I am student of Siberian State Aerospace University. I live in a Zheleznogorsk Krasnoyarsk edge.
I do not have what that one favourite direction in music. I love different music For example: fleur,lumen,stigmata,origami,anaemia,dj tatana,trance,minimal.
This music cheers up and adjusts and a positive
I have a little favourite films: Class,all will die and I will remain,therapy by love,remember me, sex in the city.
I have not Favourite programs and i have not heroes because I consider that do not be to create to myself of idols.
as to books. I love that V.Pelevin, Guy de Maupassant, P.Coelho.
I use Diigo because it's Important for study.
Vladimir Ivanin
I am eighteen. i am student and i am interested in study, computer games, music, japanese cartoons. My favorite music is power metal. My favorite japanese cartoons are monster, kenichi, beck, great teacher onizuka. I don't read books, because i starting to fall asleep when i read. and don't watch films for the same reason. In school i played football, tennis, but now no longer.
Nikita Serzhantov
It's the first (and the last, I hope) time I've appeared in the big-bad-net with this old and partly forgotten name. It's not an enjoyable necessity for me. Therefore I just can't be very open here...
I exist within a few documents,and they say: 'This is an 18 years old student of Siberian State Aerospace University,he lives in Krasnoyarsk and looks strangely on our photos'.
Actually I haven't any particular interests,or I just cant remember them (maybe it depends on the weather), but I can answer any unexpectable question about anything you can (or can't) imagine..
I'm not going to speak about my true musical preferences, without personal asking at least,because of too many reasons, but being less serious, well, I can recommend an old musical project,called 'Culture Club',which I like to listen sometimes for fun.
Movies: The original Disney's 'Winnie the Pooh','Back to the future' is very nice too,I can't remember anything more notable..
Books: There are some beautiful stories by E. Poe,H. Hesse and,well,T. Jansson. It's far not a meaningless combination..

Denis Gull

Vladislav Polyakov
I am 18 years old, I arrived in Krasnoyarsk from Lensk (Yakutia), where I graduated from school. I'm interested in 3D modeling, computer games, heavy music, natural and exact sciences. I like read various scientific literature in particular, translate lyrics of different metal bands. My favorite music is thrash metal, i very like groups such as Sepultura, Anthrax and Soulfly.
Movies that I like - The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Snatch, Se7en, Reservoir Dogs, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, Mirrors.
My favorite sports are cycling and push-ups from the floor.
I use Diigo because it's necessary for study.