1. Now take a look at your peer's new product presentation on his/her wiki and listen to the attached podcast (maybe watch a video). Your purpose will be to assess it correctly.
To handle it you need to know about this problem a little bit more. Use these links:

Information on presentation assessment 1

Information on presentation assessment 2

Information on presentation assessment 3

Information on presentation assessment 4

To assess your peer's presentation you should use one of the following Presentation Marking Sheets:

Choose the form you especially like or create your own using these sheets as the samples. Also you have to write some comments covering the following issues:
  • things (info, video, photo) you like in this PPT
  • things to change and improve
  • your general impression.

Upload your Presentation Marking Sheet on your peer's wiki.

2. Your new product presentation will also be assessed by your peer. Read his/her proposals attentively and try to correct the mistakes you made.
Remake your presentation (upload the latest PPT version on wiki) and be ready for your teacher's checking.

3. Write short comments about your impressions (10-15 sentences) answering the following questions:

  • What things have you learnt participating in this project?
  • What things do you like/dislike?
  • What section or info would you add?